Here’s a sampling of my work with creative teams and clients across a range of industries including retail, health care, technology, education and financial institutions.

Adobe Catalyst [Demo/R&D Project]

A touchscreen experience for supermarkets that educates and empowers consumers to make better food choices

Challenge:  Adobe asked us to use Flash Catalyst to create something that would demonstrate the versatility and value of its software – in three weeks. Anything.

Solution:  We designed an in-aisle touch screen experience that allowed customers to scan the barcode on a product to learn about health, environmental and cost implications of that food item.


  • Visited a supermarket to observe customer behavior and the constraints of the physical space.
  • Developed proto-personas to root our designs in a range of people and their needs.
  • Capitalized upon company-wide brainpower through a series of brainstorming work sessions.
  • Quickly moved from sketches to prototyping for rapid feedback about motion, interaction and visual design that was integrated into design iterations.

Impact:  The final product of this project was an Adobe-produced video that told the story of our process. To facilitate good storytelling, we captured and opened our entire process up to our client. We were told no other partner had ever made it so easy to tell a good story.

Key Deliverables:

  • Concept sketches
  • Daily video diaries, notes, and photos
  • Proto-personas
  • Screen designs + demo
  • Product video

See more in the  Adaptive Path case study.

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California Health Care Foundation [Research Project]

Understanding how people make decisions about long-term care

The Challenge:  California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) wanted to better understand people’s experiences around choosing long term care, how they identify quality care, and what motivates or gets in the way of making good decisions.

Solution:  We conducted in-depth research with consumers to understand their needs and identify opportunities to better support those needs, such as improvements to the current CHCF website and a strategic vision that supports better decision-making about long-term care.


  • Participants completed a primer survey prior to interview.
  • During interviews, participants modeled their long-term care experience using a “Decision Journey” game board and game pieces.
  • We created three personas, based upon the behaviors we uncovered in research, to help guide future design.

Impact:  We helped CHCF shift their focus from a ratings focused website to a holistic service strategy. That strategy should reflect a person’s experience with care over time by building awareness of the need for planning,  providing a holistic overview of the long-term care ecosystem and decision journey, providing ratings that are integrated with people’s stories and quality of life considerations, and benchmarking the standard for quality care.

Key deliverables:

  • Research protocol, survey, and findings
  • Three personas demonstrating a diversity of experience
  • Online decision journal
  • Decision journey game board and pieces
  • Three personas demonstrating a diversity of experience
  • A decision process diagram
  • Experience principles
  • Recommendations for the future service
  • A series of workshops to prioritize efforts

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Rail Europe [Research + Design Project]

Designing the ticket booking experience for European rail travel

Challenge:  Rail Europe’s booking engine needed to streamline fare models across different carriers to present a clear set of choices to the traveler. The complexities of translating the different fare sets was daunting.

Solution:  We designed a booking system that helped people make sense of the many options for scheduling, fares, carriers, level of service and travel terms.


  • Heuristic review of Rail Europe website
  • Several rounds of concepting
  • Client workshops to brainstorm and select interaction model
  • Designed for a use case that addressed 80% of bookings
  • User testing with paper prototypes to validate and refine designs

Impact:  The anticipation that comes with planning a trip is a vital part of what makes traveling enjoyable; we helped Rail Europe take the stress out of that process. We created a booking engine that helps users plan complicated rail travel that accommodated multiple travelers, multiple cities, and the desired level of flexibility. By streamlining the booking experience, customers have a clear understand what has already been booked and what comes next.

Key Deliverables:

  • Heurisitic review of the booking engine
  • User flows + sketches
  • Information architecture diagrams
  • Wireframes of key screens
  • User testing plan + summary
  • Concept catalogue: A reference of ideas generated throughout the project

See more in the  Adaptive Path case study.

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