Making Bad Experiences Good

How User Testing Saves The Day

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An interview with Todd Elliott, Project Manager at Adaptive Path
Show length: 26 minutes
We’ve all had those awful experiences like getting lost within a badly designed website (Why can’t I add another item to my shopping cart?), confusion around using a new product or device (Where in the world is the ON button?!), or losing our cool after an awful customer service experience (Did they really send me to five different people?). To avoid these kinds of conundrums, smart companies use a design technique called “user testing” to discover these issues and correct them. In this podcast, I spoke with Todd Elliott, a Project Manager from Adaptive Path, to learn how and when user testing comes into the design process — and how it can minimize the angst we all feel when confronted with a poorly designed experience.

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    Hey thanks for sharing those resources, Daniel. A nice add for those who want to investigate further…

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