Making Solar Power More Affordable

1 Block Off The Grid

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An interview with Dave Llorens, General Manager of 1 Block Off the Grid.
Show length: 15 minutes

While solar power has a good reputation for being a clean energy, it also has a bad reputation of being expensive. Most people don’t think of it as something they can really afford to invest in. While we might want to make good environmental decisions, more often than not, our wallets win out. But, wait: before you write off solar power completely, listen to this podcast…

There is a company called 1 Block Off The Grid that is using a unique business model to make solar power significantly more affordable to you and me. To learn more about this model, I had tea with Dave Llorens, General Manager. Our conversation started with the basics of how solar power works, and why we should consider investing in it in the first place…

2 Responses to Making Solar Power More Affordable

  1. Leatrice says:

    Teresa… I love this concept. Love your podcast!! I love my creative friends.

  2. Teresa Brazen says:

    Thanks, Leatrice…it’s so good to see your face! :)

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