Parkour: The Art of Overcoming Obstacles

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An interview with Seng Chen, photographer and traceur (also knows as a parkour enthusiast)
Show length: 1 hour

In the opening of the James Bond movie Casino Royale, a man leaps from buildings and runs up walls with nothing supporting or suspending him. Those movements are not fancy movie tricks, they are part of a formal discipline called parkour. This practice began in France in the late 1900s and quickly caught on worldwide, as evidenced by a plethora of recent YouTube videos. While many resources provide information about the movements and history of parkour, few explore what might be the most important aspect of this discipline: the mental and spiritual benefits. In this podcast, Seng Chen will expose this deeper side of parkour. Afterward, I’ll take you with me as I try parkour myself for the first time, and end the podcast with a discussion about my first impressions of this intriguing practice.

More information about parkour:
Wikipedia – Parkour

4 Responses to Parkour: The Art of Overcoming Obstacles

  1. Livia Labate says:

    I think there is something wrong with the sound file. After 35 seconds the playback stops.

  2. Teresa Brazen says:

    Thanks much for letting me know…are you talking about the live playback on the blog — or the file you download? When I play it from the blog, I’m not having a problem….? Would love some more feedback if you can…


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