But, I’ve had 9 lives.


With a career spanning film, design, journalism, education, and art, I am committed to improving the world through creative leadership and innovation. I lead Cooper’s signature training center, and oversee curriculum development, teaching, mentoring, and community building. My team partners with thousands of top organizations, from Clorox to Starbucks to NASA, to supercharge performance and create delight. Whether I’m coaching, crafting a new curriculum, or telling stories, my goal is to ask tough questions, inspire curiosity, and change what’s possible in the minds and lives of the people I collaborate with. Here's how:


I challenge assumptions and expose people to new paradigms that turn their perspectives upside-down. I use a variety of techniques to help people see their processes, their environments, and themselves anew.


I make education and dialogue more engaging, applicable, and meaningful by pulling techniques from storytelling, improv, art, and more. I take a multi-disciplinary approach, knowing that learning and inspiration are triggered in many different ways.


I help people discover the creative talents within themselves, shifting their inner monologue from “I’m safe” to “I’m uncomfortable” to “This idea is so crazy it just might work.” Creativity is accessible to anyone with the right coaching.

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