I love speaking about organizational culture, creativity, leadership, education, design and more at conferences and events. Past speaking engagements include: World IA Day 2018, Agile India 2018, The Service Experience Conference 2017, IxDA NYC, Interaction 15 and Interaction 13, Fluxible, The Great UX Debate, UX Discovery Sessions podcast, CBC Radio Show "Spark".

{45 min}

From “Ship It Days” to immersive onboarding programs, in this talk given at the Interaction Design Association conference, I share curious, compelling ways that people are creating inspired cultures within their organizations. Drawing from my experience as a team member, team leader, and team facilitator, I discuss what constitutes a “healthy” culture, how culture impacts teams and what they create together, and tools and techniques for fostering environments we all want to work in. If you lead a team, want to lead, work remotely, build stuff, wrangle people daily, or just want to hear about invaluable techniques for cultivating inspired team culture, this talk is for you! 

{1 hour}

  • Are designers responsible for the impact of their work upon human behavior?

  • Is it actually possible to create “connected” experiences across devices?

  • Do designers need to speed up, or do stakeholders need to slow down?

In this Interaction 13 panel, I poked and prodded at these topics alongside Angel Anderson, Mikkel Michelsen, Robb Stevenson, Lou Lenzi, and Donald Chestnut. About 500 people attended the debate, and they threw their own perspectives into the mix in the latter part of the conversation.