As Design Education Strategist for Cooper, I pull from my experience across many disciplines (film, design, journalism) to inspire curriculum, teach, and build community. My passion is teaching others how to cultivate healthy, inspired cultures within projects, teams and organizations—no matter what their role. Through my current work as a trainer (Cooper) and previous experience in program management (Adaptive Path), I’ve had the unique privilege of collaborating with, nurturing, and empowering teams from a broad range of industries: global financial institutions, Silicon Valley startups, and everything in-between. I also created, and now manage programming for, the Cooper Parlor event series, a monthly gathering of designers and design advocates to exchange ideas and push the potential for design.

In my free time, I also continue my work as an artist. In my short films and artwork, I explore how people manage experiences like love, secrecy, and judgment. In my podcast series, I interview people at the edges of industry and culture. I’m obsessed with uncovering what makes people tick and exposing our shared humanity…in service of fostering a bit more empathy in the world.

I love speaking at conferences and events; don’t hesitate to reach out if you think I’d be an asset to yours.